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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Daniel Tammet- The boy with the incredible Brain

Here’s part 1 of 5 about Daniel Tammet. He is one of a handful of prodigious savants in the world. It’s remarkable what he’s able to do. He’s able to learn a language in 1 week. He was also able to recite “pi” from memory to 22 514 digits. 

Daniel suffered from epilepsy as a child and also has Asperger’s syndrome. He says that researchers believe that his seizures and autism combined have caused him to have these exceptional mental abilities. 
Here he is on David Letterman talking about being a savant:

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Interview with Professor John Nash

This is an interview with Professor John Nash, the man who was the inspiration behind the film “A Beautiful Mind.” He speaks a bit about his experience with paranoid schizophrenia and his son with schizophrenia. 
Interesting to note that his son (John Nash III) was also a mathematical genius who eventually received a phd in math. During his battle with schizophrenia however, he lost his ability to think rationally and only received his phd after subsequent treatment.