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Saturday, February 19, 2011

6 year old Girl with schizophrenia loses touch with reality

This is from an episode of Oprah. I was quite skeptical before seeing this since kids often have imaginary friends. But it seems like this family was quite resistant to treating their daughter Jani, and only started to get help when her hallucinations started to cause her to become violent (at age 5). Jani has already tried to kill herself and harm others. She is on the treatment of last resort for adult schizophrenics! 
In part 2, you get to see her psychiatrist describe her schizophrenia. 
In part 3, you get to see Jani’s best friend, another young girl suffering with schizophrenia. They met in the psyche ward. 

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Anonymous said...

Oprah perpetuates the myth that people with mental illnesses are dangerous. Ominous piano music. Focus on fear and violence...and a family that is resigned that their daughter will fail...and repeat it to her at every chance...instead of accepting that she can grow up to be a productive person...and that she has gifts to offer. Typical stigma casting.